10 heads silver paste ITO etching machine

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10 heads silver paste ITO etching machine
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10 heads silver paste ITO etching machine

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»Using high-precision laser processing direct-writing scanning technology, it is applied to direct-writing etching processing of various graphics in resistive and capacitive touch panels.
» On the traditional single-head processing equipment mechanism, the multi-galvanometer four-coordinate automatic correction and alignment system (Tianhong patent number: ZL201210535805.7) was adopted and upgraded to a ten-head line scanning galvanometer processing system. Use the corresponding precision positioning recognition system to realize the automatic positioning recognition and automatic processing of the workpiece, and support the CCD target grabbing function. Different patterns can be controlled and processed at the same time.
» Cooperating with XY two-axis linear motor platform array pattern, it can realize high-speed direct writing etching processing of "Ag, ITO, nano-silver, graphene" applied to Glass or PET coil substrates at the same time. The equipment has high stability, high performance, and high Safety, production efficiency increased tenfold.
» The equipment supports automatic feeding and receiving system, which can realize the whole process of automatic processing.
» The equipment optimizes the adsorption platform and dust collection function for large-size products. It adopts a full marble table top and two-sided drive to support high-speed target capture.


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Multi-head silver paste ITO etching machine sample

Multi-head silver paste ITO etching machine sample

Multi-head silver paste ITO etching machine sample

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Device model TH-LD-AGE2 TH-LD-AGE8 TH-LD-AGE10
laser MOPA
Number of working heads 2 8 10
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power 20W
Etching line width and line spacing 30μm~45μm (depending on the processing material)
Single field lens processing format 170X170mm
working desk 86 inches 100 inches 100 inches
Effective processing area Can be transplanted processing, width: 1400mm, length (customized according to demand)
Comprehensive positioning accuracy ±5μm
Repeatability ±2μm
stitching accuracy ≤ 10um (the splicing point can be set according to customer needs)
sports platform Linear Motor
Processing positioning method Automatic use of CCD positioning system for automatic positioning and pattern adjustment processing
Smoke exhaust method Independently design the collection pipes of the smoke exhaust system to ensure a safe production environment
processing material Silver paste, ITO, nano-silver, graphene, etc. on PET substrate
electricity demand Three-phase 380V 50HZ 5kw
Total Weight About 4000Kg About 4000Kg About 4500Kg


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